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Shooting Cookbook
The Authors

Expert Coach

Nikolay Koterlitzov

Nikolay was born in Bulgaria. In his first professional coaching position (1980), he helped coach the Bulgarian Jr. National Biathlon Team to a bronze medal in the World Jr. Relay. In 1991, he became Head Coach, Biathlon Canada, directing the Canadian Biathlon program through three Winter Olympics and seven World Championships. During this period Canadian biathletes won medals at World Cups, World Championhips and the Winter Olympic Games. Nikolay is known in the Biathlon world for his innovative approach to training the shooting process.

Al Photo

Alan Ball

Alan was born in Great Britain. A former public school Bisley shooter (1961) he re-discovered shooting later in life after a career as a biochemist, librarian and software developer. Conditioned by his career as a biochemist and computer software developer, Alan brings scientific rigour and a thirst for logical explanations to his coaching. He has coached Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing for a number of years, including Head Coach for Biathlon British Columbia (1998-2003), Canada Winter Games Head Coach, 2003(BC), 2011(AB),and various assignments for Biathlon Canada. Voted Biathlon Canada Coach of theYear in 2013, he cuurently lives in Edmonton, AB, where he coaches for Edmonton Nordic Ski Club.