Vadim Sashurin, Biathlon World Champion, Belarus

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The Shooting Cookbook

Reviews and Comments


The Shooting Cookbook, written by Alan Ball and Nikolay Koterlitzov is now available for purchase. This is a very comprehensive book that is a real "How To.." or "Everything You Wanted to Know". It covers all the elements of shooting (3 positions, rifle fitting, process, mental aspects, progressions, etc.) as well as a tons of shooting drills for both beginner and advanced shooters (dry fire and live fire).

The book is well organized and laid out in a way that is easy to follow, with very clear explanations. A ton of work has gone into this book and we think it is a must-have for every coach's library. Jeremy Campbell, BC

Computer Games:

Thought you might like to hear what I see when my kids are using your computer games for their Biathlon training. They treat them pretty much like dry firing practice.


Good trigger finger/eye co-ordination exercise with the targets, and interesting to analyze both the total 'time' for 5 targets, and the time for each target for shooting rhythm. Also it becomes clear where any 'misses' went, and if there is a consistent error in sight picture.


The 'find the number' game is great as a mental focus exercise. Kids very quickly increased their 'on' time from a few minutes the first time they tried it, to as long as they set for their training time now.


The 'chase the target' game seems their favourite. Great speed and rhythm exercise. They can follow the arrows a whole lot faster than I can. The 'focus on this target - find the next' sequence, combined with the time pressure is a good simulation of the real thing.

Thanks for the great training games.

Cheers, Gerd Erasmus