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The Shooting Cookbook


As of Sept. 01, 2017, the Shooting Cookbook is available only from Biathlon Canada.

Rachel Steer, US National Biathlon Team.

The Shooting Cookbook takes the mystery out of training shooters: FIS, marksmen, practical shooters, IPSC, biathletes, silhouette, etc. The Shooting Cookbook provides practical, step-by-step instructions for each training drill or exercise.

When you purchase the latest version of the Shooting Cookbook you will receive a comprehensive manual that shows you how to train shooters. Using the Shooting Cookbook, planning a shooting practice will be a snap.

The drills included in the Shooting Cookbook range from simple drills for beginning shooters to difficult and subtle drills for the advanced or jaded shooter who wants to get better still.

Designed primarily for coaches, the Shooting Cookbook may be used by self-coached marksmen at every level of expertise.

The introduction to the Shooting Cookbook includes a thorough discussion of the Elements of Shooting, including Automatization of shooting skills, as well as a special section on Recoil.

Although the Shooting Cookbook is predominantly concerned with shooting techniques, there is a special section on Biathlon and Summer Biathlon, with drills designed to adapt precision shooting skills to the special circumstances of these sports.

The Shooting Cookbook is based on the cumulative experience of the authors, Alan Ball and Nikolay Koterlitzov, who have been coaching biathletes for over 40 years.

Shooting Games

The CD version of the Shooting Cookbook includes three computer games, Accuracy, Speed and Concentration, designed to complement the Cookbook drills and train these specific shooting skills.

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